• Busy February!

    Posted on February 18, 2017 by in Latest

    First Up!

    This Tuesday, February 21, 6:00 PM City Commission Meeting at Town Hall, Earthkeeper member Chris Occhuizzo will presentation an initiative to establish a world-class Greenway Nature Center, promoting environmental education, and mindful ways to enjoy the Greenway for residents and visitors alike. The purpose will be to educate and create a connection to its beauty so that the Greenway Preserve will be protected by all and to care for the Greenway as dedicated by best practices for sensitive ecosystems. Your support and attendance counts!


    And Next!

    Come join the fun as we rid the Greenway South trails from this invasive species. Enjoy a pizza with us afterward! Sign up on our FB page or RSVP by email to Anna.


    But Wait!
    Four Earthkeepers members became certified water collectors for the GA Adopt-a-Stream program, a NonPoint Source Program in the Water Protection Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. The organization encourages individuals and communities to monitor and/or improve sections of streams, wetlands, lakes or estuaries through involvement. St. Mary’s Riverkeeper, Rick Frey, conducted a training class and we will be collecting water from the Amelia River and Egan’s Creek at several points each month. Rick will record our data into the database establishing a baseline that will be used to monitor the health of our rivers going forward. Visit the AAS website.

    Good Deeds!

    And last but not least, Earthkeepers was contacted by a group of Emory students looking to do some environmental volunteer work in the month of March. Working with Kathy Russell, Greenway Manager, we were able to get them involved in trail maintenance and invasive species removal at the Greenway March 5-10.

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