• Success at the Taro Pull

    Posted on March 9, 2017 by in Latest

    On Saturday, February 25, 2017, some dozen volunteers headed out to the Red Trail of the Greenway Preserve, lead by Greenway Manager Kathy Russell and Griffin Bowen, to remove the invasive species Taro from the creek and trail. Taro grows along the banks of the creek to a height of about 4-6 feet and has dark green, arrowhead shaped leaves like an elephant ear. If not pulled out, it will regenerate and shade out other plants to the point of taking over. Invasive plants and vines pose the greatest ecological threats (other than man) to the natural communities of Florida.

    So at 9:00 am, Chuck Olivia, Patty Smith, Peggie Weeks, Barbara Wotila, John Zippay, Susan DeWolf, Grier Newlin, Laura Foley and Steve Little, some city residents, some island visitors, trekked out with Earthkeepers team, Anna and Chris Occhuizzo, Karen Langshaw, Faith Ross, Michael Leary, and Coleman Langshaw to dig in and dig out! We were successful in clearing out much of what we could see. Unfortunately, it will return. But with a constant effort, the hope is to rid the area of that species. As any gardener knows, weed pulling is a constant battle!

    Many in the group were rewarded for their hard work with a pizza party at the Residence Inn trail head, while others continued on to the great Chili Cookoff which was being held downtown on Centre Street.


    Our thanks to all who participated!

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