About Us

Amelia Island Earthkeepers was started in 2014 by Commissioner Johnny Miller. It is a sister organization to St. Mary’s Earthkeepers. AIEK has worked to protect Amelia Island’s land, sea and air. In 2015, a group led by Johnny Miller, lobbied in DC to stop seismic blasting off our coastline and a ban was put in place by President Obama’s administration. Since then, the group has worked with the St. Mary’s Riverkeeper, Rick Frey, to train a group of water collectors at points in our rivers, the Amelia, Nassau, and Egan’s Creek.

Egan’s Creek Preserve is a pet project of AIEK which cares for the trails and creek at key times during the year to be sure it’s maintenance is as non-invasive as possible.

Look for info next meeting  to be scheduled for soon.

Always looking for committee chairs. Help us out in the area you are passionate about!

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