Policy Statement

In accordance with its published mission statement, the Amelia Island EarthKeepers urge full public disclosure, discussion and evaluation of the potential hazards, the potential benefits, and policy options for any and all industry that exists (or is proposed) within our purview. We require that all types of industry be evaluated through the lens of responsible environmental stewardship.

We call for acting in accordance with the Precautionary Principle: that if the environmental impacts of a product or action are unknown, or not fully known and understood, we cannot, and will not assume a position of support. Further, when an activity raises the possibility of serious or irreversible harm to the environment or living creatures, precautionary measures that prevent the possibility of harm shall be taken even if the causal line between the activity and the possible harm has not been thoroughly proven.

The Amelia Island EarthKeepers, while encouraging environmental stewardship and serving to inform our community, do not, as a non-profit organization, endorse specific commercial industries, products or enterprises.

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